Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tactual books, part one

This is a topic that I am so excited about! I love creating tactual books for my students. I especially love making experience books with my students who are deafblind. Experience books are also great for early childhood level students. This posting is great for students with a variety of abilites and age levels. This posting is the pre-teach lesson for the "how to" of creating opportunity for literacy. Please read this article! I have linked it through TSBVI (however, this is a reprint from Teaching Exceptional Children). There are some tips and tricks to learning how to make tactual books so it's important that you have the understanding.
The article is "Creating and Using Tactile Experience Books for Young Children With Visual Impairments" By Sandra Lewis, Associate Professor and Coordinator, Program in Visual Impairment, College of Education, Florida State University, and Joan Tolla, Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Tift and Irwin County Schools, Georgia.
Article link:
Do it at home: Read this article! After reading, write down your impressions and start thinking about what kind of books you want to create. Don't kill yourself thinking about how you are going to make the book :) I often find that parents and education teams over think how to make experience books. Just start with an idea. Keep reading the posts about how to make experience books. Happy reading!

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