Empowered - An Activity-based Self-determination Curriculum for VI Students. Here's a pretty good resource you can order from our friends over at TSBVI.

Expanded Core Curriculum for children with multiple impairments from TSBVI.

Expanded Core Curriculum page at FamilyConnect. This link takes you to a page with each area of the ECC in detail with commentary from the best of the best in our field. There's an audio link and transcript. Easy to read and very family friendly. Plus, it's a great quick reference for education teams that need a little ECC schooling.

Monthly resources for teaching children with multiple impairments

Paths to Literacy is a known resource for teachers but I am just wondering if parents know about it, too. They also have a great page dedicated to the ECC. 

Washington Sensory Disability Services has very useful hand-under-hand tutorials, videos and information for children with hearing and visual impairments including MIVI and deafblind resources.


Creating Educational Toys And Activities For Children Who Are Blind Or Visually Impaired, online article at TSBVI.

Cortical Visual Impairment: An Overview of Knowledge. I like this article because it gives you an easy snapshot of CVI. The Roman book is quite in-depth with information.

CVI Look Profile post on this blog.

Four Essential Strategies for Learning developed by Jan van Dijk

General Considerations in Working With Young Children with Vision Impairments. I love this article because it does a great job of teaching about concept development for our kiddos and its broken down into topics and strategies (that you can do, no degree required!).

Let Me Check My Calendar by Robbie Blaha, Education Specialist, and Kate Moss, Family Training Specialist, TSBVI Deafblind Outreach -- This article discusses calendar boxy systems.

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