Sunday, March 1, 2015

DIY Vision Project: Easy Busy Board Project

Hi friends, I have a super fun project that's easy peasy to do: a busy board! I know you have seen them around. You can buy them (really expensive) or have seen them floating around on Pinterest. My faithful partner-in-crime hubby helped me make two busy boards in one afternoon. Why busy boards? These boards are great for learning about cause and effect, problem solving, discovery and fine motor skills. Here's how to make them for our kids:
I decided to go with a smooth finished round circle for our board because I liked the thickness, weight and shape of it. I bought it at Lowe's for about $7 a piece.

Next, I had Todd spray paint it a nice shade of red (visual efficiency for our kiddos). He did several coats on both sides and let it dry for a few hours. The spray paint was about $10 (or less) from Lowe's as well. I made sure to buy a flat finish to avoid glare.

Last, we added our latches. You can also buy these from Lowe's (or any home improvement store) for under $5 a piece. This latch board were simple ones that promoted easy fine motor skills. These busy boards went to my preschool age students. I really liked the contrast that the red backdrop provided. We placed each latch in a clock layout. It's simple but effective with the layout. Not too much visual clutter at all!

I also like the possibilities that can come from this. You can easily keep this as is and let your kids explore and have fun. You can build on skills by discussing positional directions or clock layout or buy two of each latch and mount the extra latch onto cards for matching games.

I've seen some really cool ideas for these busy boards on Pinterest where they have added zippers,  chains, light swtiches, and casters. I also thought about making another one and including a tap light (I will post pics if I do!).  All you need to do these is a drill, spray paint and latches--easy peasy!

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  1. Hi Robbin, I am extremely happy to come across your post! I am now developing the busy boards featured to kids with different abilities, and your input is priceless. I will try to contact you through your contact form now. Meanwhile, for the parents who are looking for the brighter busyboards, please feel free to check out