Saturday, May 31, 2014

Discount on SMART Brailler & LightAide

Hi friends,  our friend Amber over at has something really cool going on! 
Here's what's going on:
For a limited time, Perkins Products is offering the SMART Brailler® at 20% off and the LightAide™ at 10% off!

Just use promo code "SMART20" when ordering the SMART Brailler and "LIGHT10" when ordering the LightAide.

Click here to get the full article and the how to for getting in on this cool offer:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Coolest "White" Canes--EVER!!

Hi friends! I am SO excited about this fun find while I was making new friends at the Seeing Beyond the Horizon conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. CHECK OUT THESE CANES!! They are made by Ambutech and I think they are brilliant!! The grips are in different colors with the tips in a variety of colors as well. The main shaft of the cane is still traditional white. Now I know there are some out there that don't like this idea but I ask you, wouldn't this help some of our kids (and teens) use their canes more? The canes still are the same look and feel but with COLOR!

I was just so excited when I saw these canes! I met Gordon Hudek from Ambutech at the conference. He did a great job of showing me the new line. I did give the suggestion that if you can customize your cane with color and stickers, it would be cool if you can use customized stickers with your name on it. I have all my students' canes tagged with their names (we use painters tape) the moment they arrive at camp (can you imagine 60+ canes and trying to figure out whose it who real quick--yikes!).

 I believe Gordon told me these hot new canes would be available in the US in June. You have to excuse me with that detail. My precious new baby still keeps me awake with feedings during the night and I often feel that I have eggs for brains ;).

I have to admit, I am a little skeptical with the model. I think it would be cool to find some actual cane users (this model might be one but I'd rather see actual users...). I just think this is such a fun idea for our kids. I think it really brings a coolness factor that our kids are looking for with the cane identification. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

An Eye for Fashion

Hi friends, I am excited to share Fashioneyesta--a fashion forward gal who has a vision impairment blogs and does videos about fashion. How fun?! She's based in England (as far as I can tell). I watched a few of her videos and read through her blog. One word: FUN! What a brilliant idea to bring fashion the way that she is! She videos about a range of fashion related topics--beauty, makeup, etc. The only bummer is that she is all the way in England! Nevertheless, I think there is a lot of value to having our girls have someone mentor the fashion world like she is. After all, what girl (and woman) doesn't want to have fun with clothes, makeup and beauty?! She even gives me a few ideas! Maybe I need to go to Sephora and find more ways to bring this part of the world to our girls....ideas, ideas...

Until then, check Fashioneyesta out! Here's the info:

Check out some of her YouTube videos:

I really like a lot of the points that she shares with this video: