Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Video documentary: His wife goes blind. He steps in to support her.

Hi friends,
A friend shared this video on Facebook and the moment I read the caption, "As His Wife is Going Blind, This Husband  Does The Sweetest Thing and She Doesn't Even Know It", I knew I would be interested.  Check out the video:

I loved the raw emotion of this! Of course being in my position on the other side, I was thinking "he can't do this forever...". I couldn't put my finger on the other feelings that I was feeling. I knew this was true life for someone who has blindness onset later in life. I couldn't help but to keep thinking, "blindness isn't the end of the world!!" but I also knew that that crusade wasn't the right way to describe what I was feeling or what was being conveyed. I decided to share it on my Facebook page and invite my friends (several of them are my colleagues) to weigh in with their thoughts. Holy Hannah, they hit the nail on the head!

Each comment really gave me some insight. I love how Karen pointed out the love and respect doesn't have to take away her independence. Jessica (an orientation and mobility instructor for children) provided a really good point (that Patti, an awesome TVI highlighted): he will build his own confidence in her abilities and then can step back. (ALL my parents please write that down: Build your own confidence in your child's abilities and then step back.). Lastly, Cody (my former student and future TVI) reiterated the balance that we, as professionals, need to maintain as we handle such tender feelings. It might be our students who are struggling with their loss of vision or it could be parents, siblings, friends, etc. that are still finding their way.

Loved this video! Thank you Jubilee Project for doing such a great job!!