Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sensory Bin--Touch & Find Play

How about some summer sensory fun?
 I snagged this idea while I was visiting one of our classrooms for children with multiple impairments. The idea is sweet: it's a simple Rubbermaid bin with lid that has two holes cut into it. Foam padding was added so little arms can't get cut on the edges. Easy peasy to whip up! I got this idea from a colleague, Coy Clawson, who told me that it takes no time to make this. 
 I liked the versatility behind this. He had packing peanuts inside his with items to tactually search out. Can you imagine the possibilities? I also got to thinking that this would be a great activity that was inclusive for siblings, friends, family/church BBQs where our kids could play a game that would be interesting for all. You could see who could find the most objects in one minute. 
You could make this an academic skill by providing the student a tactual/picture list of items to find. They can do some matching to the list. You could easily switch out the different textures to search through as well. I also liked the fact that the visual complexity is reduced. Sometimes when we have sensory bins, our kids look into a large bin of items. The black lid eliminates a lot of the complexity. You could also do a little O&M training by discussing the layout (side to side) or you could flip it vertical to have a top and bottom; other spatial concepts such as inside/outside, top/bottom, empty/full are also in the mix. 

Fill these tubs with whatever you would like! You can do random items (with a match list like I suggested before) or you could do themes (all kitchen items, summer toys, etc.). This is great for our kiddos with multiple impairments and our early childhood little ones. 
I wonder if you could even add a few other holes of different sizes (on a different lid) and use dowels. Reverse the idea of looking for things inside and use it as a giant peg board?  You could make another lid with a Braille cell and have some fun with Braille...
Ooohhh....I like the possibilities! Have fun!!