Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Expanded Core Family Project

a graphic that gives the tips--text in post
Hi everyone, here is a quick and easy Expanded Core FAMILY activity! Make sunshine cards for patients in the hospital. I got this idea because it dawned on me that people weren't easily able to visit loved ones who are sick. The great thing about the ECC is that sooooo many ideas match ECC skills. Here's a fun and easy way that the whole family can do an activity together that also gives you a ton of ECC learning.
Below is the text from post: 
Get a pack of cards. Tip:  I used some blank cards from Dollar Tree (only 50 cents a card!)
ECC spotlight: 
talk about the price of cards, purpose of cards, location of cards in a store
Research thoughtful messages for cards. Type or print messages for cards.
ECC spotlight: 
use assistive tech to do research for messages. practice typing skills!
Call a local hospital to find out how you can drop off cards.
ECC spotlight: 
research the address of the hospital--discuss landmarks, find out if there is a bus route or careers at a hospital 

an image of lunchbox notes and stickers

We also bought some sticker since we knew that there were some kids who would receive this. We downloaded free lunchbox notes from Pinterest. Note: We put these items into a bag. Our original thought was to put them inside the cards but since we wanted every item to be safe for patients, we put them in a bag with a post-it for hospital staff to put inside cards after they were finished with their quarantine.

an image of a card with the message handwritten in it
 We took our research of get well notes and wrote them in the cards. The message says: Dear Friend, There are times that we need to know that people care about us. This is one of those times and I happen to be one of those people. Hope you feel better soon!
a card standing up with an envelop that says a sunshine card for you
 We know our parents have a lot going on with "the new normal".  Anyway that we can include things for the whole family can help a lot! I hope this gave you some fun ideas!