Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quick and Easy Tactile Hearts

Still searching for that just right Valentine's Day project with your students?
I have a great easy, peasy idea that packs a lot of educational punch. I was strolling down our hallways when I came upon Annette's preschool display board and instantly pulled up my camera app. This idea incorporates textures, math concepts, social skills, compensatory, sensory efficiency and choice making skill areas.
Plus it is just dang cute! 

You could easily do matching and discrimination skills before you glue these hearts on. Follow up your matching lesson with comparison about size, texture or color (if you can). Lastly, let your students choose where they want to place their hearts and glue them on! It's a perfect little project that is great for little hands on Valentine's Day. The bonus, this project also has potential for kids who are MIVI. You may have to do the cutting for them but you can still work this easily for these kiddos as well. Dare I give just one more idea---can you add a scent to the hearts? Spray a little scent onto these hearts. The ideas are endless!! Thanks Annette for letting me share another of your projects!


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