Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun labels

I found this resource at the back section of Parents magazine. The resource is called "Stuck on You" and they are a company that makes a variety of fun labels. I like them because they make labels for clothes (the tagless T has become an enemy to my students...). They are super cute (and have iron on labels!). I like them a lot. I only have one caution: watch out for contrast issues. Remember your childs' visual needs when placing an order. You don't want to pick something that doesn't have good contrast and/or visual clutter.
Check out the site:
Do it at home: Look at your child's clothing and ask yourself: do they have a system for matching their clothes? If your child is of the age and the skill to be selecting and matching their clothes, then they should be doing it! If they can't, think about developing a system or getting some labels. If all else fails, remember that everything matches jeans! (You can also email me for some tips!)

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