Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Literacy Kits

This is a great literacy ECC resource from two TVIs that I work with. Lisa Pruner, TVI preschool & Catherine Summ, TVI school age created these literacy kits.

Are you looking for creative new ways to work on Expanded Core
Curriculum (ECC) skills at home with your child? These kits, which are appropriate for early elementary school children, each include a story (in both print and Braille) to be read together, a list of story-related questions to discuss with your child, a list of suggested follow-up activities, and props and materials necessary to
carry out the activities. Each kit also includes a journal for sharing your
child’s experience with the kits in either print or Braille.

Check out these awesome literacy kits:

*Toni’s Topsy-Turvy Telephone Day by Laura Ljungkvist. Toni tries to
invite a few friends to a party, but when her phone message isn’t clear,
things get confusing very quickly. This kit includes a variety of
telephones to explore, as well as suggestions for ways to improve phone
skills, both for pleasure and for safety/911 skills.*

- *Madeline Says Merci: The Always-Be-Polite Book by John Bemelmans
Marciano. This delightful book emphasizes the importance of good manners in
a pleasant, kid-friendly story. Kit includes note cards, paper, tactile
stickers,etc… for writing thank-you notes.*

Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London. The classic story of Froggy
and his struggles getting dressed appropriately to go outside. Kit includes
articles of clothing which use many different types of fasteners, as well as
related questions and activities.

- *Easy As Apple Pie: A Harry and Emily Adventure by Karen Gray Ruelle.
An easy to read chapter book about a brother and sister making apple pie
with Grandpa. Suggested activities include sorting apples, going on an
apple picking trip, and, of course, making apple pie. Kit includes a recipe
for apple pie, measuring tools, rolling pins, Play- Doh, talking timer, and
pie plates.

*Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst.
Alexander (the same one who had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day)
can’t seem to save any money in this sweet, funny story. Kit includes
several types of wallets/change purses, Metro Cards and old bus tokens, a
talking calculator, and lots of change for counting and sorting.

Do it at home: Make a literacy kit for your child! Start small with just a few items that accurately represent topics in the story. This can be adapted for children of all abilities. These are also great for children who are MIVI/DB! Remember, your kits don't have to be pretty looking. They should be functional and easy to replace in case something gets broken. Good luck!

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