Friday, June 4, 2010

Let's Get Cooking!

I love this article from TSBVI. It's a great cooking curriculum with easy to read ideas for parents. Why is this article so great? Because it is written for parents! It's broken down by age and provides the "how to" for each age group. As usual, sometimes the age grouping doesn't apply to each child. So if you have a child with multiple impairments, look through each age group and find ideas that work for your child.
Keep in mind this little idea: These articles have two purposes. One, to provide helpful information. Two, these ideas should spark your brains with ideas on how you can modify ideas to fit your child's needs.
Here's the info: www.tsbvi/Education/hey-whats-cooking.htm (if the link is not good, go to Type "cooking" into the search box. The name of the article is "Hey! What's Cooking!).
Do it at home: Find one thing from the article that you think you can do and DO it!

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