Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Need help incorporating the ECC into everyday? Here's some help!

I have a resource for parents & families that struggle with incorporating the ECC into everyday life. It's called the Everyday Experiences Calendar and it's made from APH. The calendar has an activity that is easy to do everyday . The activities are from the ECC. I love this calendar because it takes the planning hassle out of the way. Do it for a few weeks and it will help you tune into how to incorporate the ECC into your day.
The calendar is designed for early childhood to about age 8. I also think it's pretty useful for children who are MIVI/DB. You could also use this as a base just to get you started with ideas.

There are two versions of the calendar. One is a big binder that allows yaou to write down and has lots of ideas, etc. The other is a small, more traditional sized calendar that you can post on a wall. I prefer the smaller one because it is just not as bulky but both are awesome.
Here's the link to APH to buy (I would talk to your TVI and see if they can get you one before you look into doingn it personally.): Type in "calendar" into the search box, scroll down and you will find it.
Do it at home: Next time you do laundry, bring along your child. If they are small, put them in the empty laundry basket (make sure to label that the basket is 'empty') and then pull out the warm laundry (towel loads are the best loads) and cover your child (as they tolerate it). Now describe what you are doing. It's a great sensory activity and it teaches the concept in real time. This appropriate for preschool age/early kinder & MIVI/DB.

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