Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tactual books, part 2

Did you read the article from the Tactual Books, part 1 post? I hope so! It's a great article. Now we are on to part 2: I will show you how to make a tactual or experience book.

Step One: Find a topic. Keep it simple. I like to use 3 pages in my books. You can use more based on ability level.

Step Two: Design the page layout. The layout should follow a sequential order from the activity. Check out the example from the book I made with a deafblind student. We made a book about the pool party we had.

The first thing we did at the party was put on party necklaces.

Step Three: Text and tactual item layout. Select items that have meaning from the activity. Keep it simple. For example, if you are doing a book about the outdoors, select a leaf or a stick (if you played outside). I used the party necklace because everyone wore one at the party.

The next thing we did at the party was going swimming. I stopped by the Dollar Store and picked up a water toy to touch while in the pool. I cut part of it to use on our page.

The last thing we did was have dinner together. I used a small plate from dinner.

The easiest way to make these books is to get the materials at a local office supply store that does binding and finishing. I use 110lb cardstock for the pages and the back vinyl cover (for both the front and back) and then get it bound. You can also use cardstock and binder (just 3 hole punch the paper).

These books are meant to be used so keep it sturdy but low cost. They also get bulky and that's okay. Other materials for these books are tape, Braille labels, Braille writer/Perkins. I'll post pictures of other experience books as I make them. Last tip: these should not take a long time to make. I usually can make an experience book in about a half and hour after the lesson. I like to make them for cooking activities, family projects, outdoor activities, etc. They are also a great way to pre-teach about a lesson.

Do it at home: Make an experience book!!

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