Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rock Paper Scissors Tag

Hi!! I am sorry that I didn't post last week. I started but never got to final post. I left to visit my family in Florida for a new holiday I like to call Thanks'Ristmas. It was great. I was lounging on Cocoa Beach at 80 degree back to business in CT! I've got lots of fun things to blog about so I hope I get them all posted. Keep checking back. This coming weekend we are having our first ever GIRLS SPORTS & MORE weekend! It's a superfusion of sports & rec, ILS, social skills and sparkle!! I am SO pumped for this one!!
Okay, okay but enough about coming events. I want to blog about what fun little discovery I uncovered last month. Rock, paper, scissors tag!! This fun game comes our way thanks to our good PE friend, Lauren Andersen.
Know how to play Rock Paper Scissors? Take that concept and use your whole body to show it! This is a PE game that is pretty popular around the gym. I love when we teach general ed PE games because we help give our kids a nice little pre-teach to the game. 
First, learn the poses.
Here's paper, starring our friend Jimmy:
Now learn Scissors...
And last is another student showing ROCK...
Now that you know the poses, it's time to divide up into two teams and come to the  'shooting line'. You need to divide up into two teams. The caller (Lauren, girl with blonde hair at bottom of picture). Each team huddles up and chooses either rock, paper or scissors. The caller yells "Rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT!". Each team then shoots their pose. See below....both teams tied! In that event, each team has a 'backup move'. The caller calls "rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT!" again. 
The winning side chases down the losing side. Each tagged player joins the winning side. The goal is for one team to tag all of the opposing players until they are all one winning team. Make sense? 
We needed to provide some guide support and the students all knew the layout of the room that we were playing in pretty well. You will need to make sure your kids feel comfortable with the layout of the room. I loved this game because it worked on body in space positioning which can be a real tough cookie for our kids. Try it out!! It's a super fun game!! We played it all weekend :)

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