Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CVI Buys

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     Okay, I can't remind everyone enough: This is the time to stock up on your CVI supplies!! Shiny red ornaments, paper,ribbon, curlies, etc. are EVERYWHERE!! Buy now, use later!! I was worried that my little post about this got flushed to the bottom because I have a ton of holiday postings.  Buy some clear bins, label them with what your CVI supplies are and keep them in your closet.
      Not sure why? Because red shiny objects get trickier to find as the holiday closes. We get one little last chance at Valentine's Day (but it's slim pickings by that point usually). Another good reason is because you may not need any more shiny things at home but have you thought about creating a resource stash for your therapists, teachers, church meetings, play groups, grandparents? etc.? You don't want to bring your only CVI toys everywhere---what if you lose them? They get destroyed? The teachers love it and want more? Parents, get proactive and make yourself a little resource stash! 
     We are lucky that here in CT we have a fabulous CVI team with lots of great resources and materials but if you live somewhere far out with not much in the resource department, you've got to get proactive! Buy yourself a little clear bin and make yourself a resource stash that you can pull from. Wouldn't it be great if you had CVI modifications already at the places you frequent the most--church? play groups? grandparents? etc. Since a majority of our kiddos with CVI also have multiple impairments anything we can do to make packing to go easier definitely helps so hit up the Dollar Tree, go to Target after Christmas, use your JoAnn Fabric coupons and start stocking up :)

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