Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Glittering Shards Project with Braille!

We recently had our first ever Girls Weekend and it was a HUGE success (pics, posts & ideas to come don't worry!). I found this idea on Pinterest and realized I could add a little Braille to this. It's a great holiday project that kids can do on their own (like we did at Girls Weekend) or with a little help for our young school age kiddos.

First, here's the original idea:

You can use clear and colored stones for this project. Here's our Braille modification: Use the colored stones to write in Braille! I loved this because although this is a hands-on tactual project, adding the Braille piece is something our Braille readers can knock out of the park. It does take a little pre-planning but is totally doable.
 Put the "Braille stones" on FIRST and then fill in with the colored stones. 

Here are more pics of the craft and the link to the blog that I found this one. We bought  most of our supplies at Dollar Tree (stones and glass jars). The glue we purchased at JoAnn Fabrics. 

Check out the blog that has full directions and tips:

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  1. Hi there, I did this project--twice! Once, with an adhesive glue I totally thought was going to work and did NOT and then again as holiday presents using hot glue (total success!). I even did the Braille. I used one color stone to write the name in Braille and then used a contrasting stone color all around it. It was pretty cool! I totally recommend this project (use the hot glue!) for our kids. It was way fun and quite tactual. I even made one for my mom.