Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last of the Christmas-ish ideas...These could still be good over winter break too!

Countdown to Christmas! It's just around the corner and sweet nibblets, I can't believe I put off Christmas shopping!! I just got it done this past Tuesday. Luckily for me I am firm to the three presents per child rule. This year the spirit of making homemade gifts just filled me up. My fiancee and I made tie quilts for each of our kids and we made art buckets. In between all the crafting, I still thumbed through some magazines and found some fun ideas. These ones are keepers not just for the actual holiday of Christmas but are super fantastic for the whole winter holiday. Here's my last three recipe/craft/projects. I LOVED these pie in a jar ideas!! I thought they were just perfect for our kids. I photographed every detail of these. I am going to try them after Christmas over winter break. I'll post them when I do them. 

I loved this next idea as well but let's face it, it's never gonna look this pretty with little hands and hand under hand work so rest assure that it might not look the same as this pretty picture. Nevertheless, I still think this is a great idea and something fun to hand out to neighbors, family, church members, etc. Remember to still work the connected teaching experience by letting our kiddos go to the store to buy the items. I think it works because our kids like to eat chocolate chip cookies so there's a little motivation there. 

Lastly, peppermint bark! I know I use this every year. It's such a good kid recipe (tweens to teens, too!!).  There are so many version of bark but here's just another one that I found. Making peppermint bark is also super fantastic for kids who are MIVI/DB and ASDVI. They really can't mess it up! Plus most of these special kiddos like to hammer the peppermint. I also like to add Heath toffee chips to mine as well as swirling the milk chocolate and white chocolate chips. Peppermint is also a strong smell that most of our kids dig as well. Feel free to sprinkle peppermint sprinkles or red sprinkles too!

 And remember to go to Target the days after Christmas for your
 CVI stock up bonanza!! 
Happy holidays my friends! I'll blog again soon after the holiday and while I am on winter break with my sweet little kids. 

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