Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY Tactual Books

Tactual Book Project

Book One: Graduated Pages Book
5 different types of (texture) fabric (smooth, soft, rough, silky, etc.)
Hot glue & glue gun
Sewing machine
Folder/sturdy book back for each book

How to assemble the graduated pages book:
Take each of the 5 different sizes and cut them to size:
10x10 square, 8x10, 6x10, 4x10, 3x10
Assemble fabric (with 10x10 on the bottom, stacking each size up so that smallest is on top).
Sew up the left edge (“spine” of the book).
Place inside folder with hot glue at the spine.

 graduated pages book

 book making fun

Book Two: Fabric Squares Board
5 different types of (texture) fabric (smooth, soft, rough, silky, etc.)
Sturdy foam board cut into a large square (18x18)
Cut fabric into 9 equal pieces (like a Tic-Tac-Toe board)
Glue fabric onto foam board (like a Tic-Tac-Toe board)

Book Three: Giant Square Book 
5 different types of (texture) fabric (smooth, soft, rough, silky, etc.)
Foam board
Large rings
Exacto knife
How to assemble this book:
Cut fabric to 11x14. All uniform cut. No frayed edges. Edges can be sewn or burned for finish.
Cut foam board to 11 ½ x14 ½
Cut two holes at the top of fabric. Fabric should lay horizontal with holes punched at top (See picture).
Punch two holes at the top of the foam board. Punch holes in the exact same places as in the fabric so that both foam board holes and fabric holes line up.

all of the squares cut, then assembled and hot glued to foam board

Tips to remember:

  • Patterns count so be watchful for aggressive patterns.
  • Shiny red sequins (that are sturdy) are always a good find
  • Put contrasting fabric types together. Although I always say you can't understand blindness by simply closing your eyes, for this one close your eyes. Feel for strong contrasts like burlap and silk.

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