Monday, October 24, 2011

Recipe Renovation

I saw this in an old issue of FamilyFun and have been using this as spreading handout idea sheet for the last two years. I also thought it would be a great addition to the new Recipe Renovation posts. Every student needs to perfect their spreading skills. PB & J is the usual but with nut restrictions and stuff, it can be tricky. In addition, PB &J isn't always the easiest to spread.  I love this handout because it expands the spreading repertoire to some really yummy sandwiches and some easy cooking skills. For example, many of these combos require cutting skills (cucumbers and peppers). It also broadens the experience of healthy eating, food textures and sandwich ideas. I love this handout!!

A few other thoughts on spreading....
  • Think about using a standard size spoon for spreading instead of a knife. You can use the back end of the spoon for spreading. It's also easier to scoop with a spoon. I even use a spoon at home. 
  • Encourage students to hold their utensil properly. 
  • Put bread in the freezer for a bit before the lesson. It will be more durable when spreading. 
  • Always remember, to ask open ended questions when doing this kind of instruction. For example, don't just tell students that they haven't spread to all parts of the bread. Ask them if every area is covered. If they don't know how, ask them to use their spoon/knife to detect which area does and does not have food on it. 

This is a recipe that all students, early childhood through school age, can do. You can also work on food placement (patterns), have fun with contrasting colors and textures. There's some serious potential in just a sandwich lesson!!

Do it at home: Pick one sandwich at a time to do. Allow the student (no matter what the age) to prep this by figuring out where the ingredients are located. If you don't have them, take them to the grocery store to select them. If your child struggles, write down what they are struggling with and contact your TVI. Every student needs this skill!

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