Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is There an App for That?

A quick reference list of apps
compiled by Lori Cornelius, TVI from the Boston AER presentation,
 "Is There an App for That?"
*I couldn't find who the original presenter of this was so I sited it from the conference where Lori attended. She then typed this up as a handout. This isn't written by me but I thought it was an awesome resource. 

Note Taking – fully accessible
* Notes (very simplistic open page)
* Pages --$9.99 (Mac document creation and editing – similar to Microsoft Word, can insert pics, create tables, and insert tables
*Microsoft One Note (Create/View/Sync notes)

Audio Recording
*Voice memo --$.99 (included, simple to use, low vision friendly, access to list of prior recordings)
*Clear record -- $.99(record, sync, advance options, noise reduction)
Use noise reduction for LD students to help them focus

photo from iphonealley.com
*Dragon – free -- (Dictate and search) If using with Voiceover need to mute voice over in order Dragon to work
 Dictation apps – additional available but some are cumbersome
*Dragon Go –free -- voice activated search option

Internet and E-mail-Portability is the key – accessibility, portability, and speed

Money Identification-*LookTel Money Reader -- $1.99

Accessibility (Blindness and low vision)
(pedestrian, driving, and virtual navigation)
*Mapquest -- free
*Garmin -- $39.99  is good for low vision but may not be good at vocalized step by step directions
*Navigon -- $29.99 cheapest up to $119.99 good at step by step directions

 blindcooltech.com, Lowvisiontech.com, appsineducation.com
Applevis.com – good for product reviews
Advocacy: App Development – Apple Accessibility

OCR – Optical Character Recognition
*OCR Now – $13.99 -- use camera- take photo of document then it e-mails it to you access e-mail and retrieve

*Zoomreader – made by Ai squared – able to change colors. Only works with iPhone 4 more instant picture

*Image to Text –OCR  -- free -- e-mails the doc to you

Low Vision Solutions
Integrated into the device – zoom, change text size, contrast (reverse video) can not use with voiceover

Braille Literacy
Access to refreshable Braille has increased
Supports over 30 refreshable Braille displays

*Digital Books (Learning Ally, DAISY, Read to Go)
*Memos/To Do Lists
*Object Recognition/ID use camera on phone to take a picture
*Barcode Scanner   *News       *Shopping      *Banking
*Podcasts/Radio      *Games    *Calendar       *Lighting
*Social Networking

photo from michaelhyatt.com
*VisionSim – free --Vision Simulation app – Braille Institute

*iBooks – free - Voiceover and Braille use epub format which can be obtained from a variety of sources
A converter is available to make DAISY into ePub files
  *Kindle app – free -- does not work with Voiceover – can change the size and contrast
*Audible – free -- audio usually read by someone famous and are expensive
Printing from the iPad is only available through a few compatible printers --  new HP's seem to work

Office Max – Recording pens with recordable dots – create tactile books
Nook color – Offers reverse colors
Kindle font size up to 6M

Apple iReader- *Stanza – free -- using voiceover, *Read to Go
iPad not great for reading outside, Kindle works outside in the sun

*Blio – free -- KNFB accessibility built-in
          Download additional voices for around $10

iDevice Apps
*Bump – free -- to transfer apps by bumping into someone
*Pictello -- $14.99 – create talking photo albums
*Dropbox – free – save all files into one folder and access them from any of your computers and idevices
*Zoom Contacts – Zoomtext
*Writing toolkit
*Talk to Text
*Proloquo2go -- $189.99 –augmentative and alternative communication device – like a  Dynovox
* Touch chat
*Touch Suite – switch activation
*Sign4Me --$9.99 – type in a word and see the sign

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