Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fire Safety

Have you ever done a lesson on fire safety with your child? I have recently thought about this since I have been taking a cooking class (ha ha...). I did not have a grease fire extinguisher in my apartment. I was thinking how important it would be to review fire safety with our students. Not only is it important to learn about how to use an extinguisher but it is also important to review mobility routes in case of a fire in your home. Think about it: does your child know what to do if a fire was in your home---crawl on knees to get out? Not touch the door handle? Those are just basic tips that everyone should know. 

FIRE EXT     TUNDRA EXTINGUISHERI picked up a new extinguisher that does fire and grease fires for $25 at Target. It's small and easy to use (no pin required) and sits right underneath my kitchen sink. I also have become much more on top of making sure I always have a safety prepped kitchen for stove top cooking. For example, I always have a lid out just in case to cover a possible grease fire. 

Do this at home: Make a fire plan! Review what everyone should do and hold drills randomly. You should also do a fire extinguisher lesson and have your child learn how to use one. I do recommend the non pin kind because of their ease. Teach them how and where to point it. Then start thinking about other areas of your house where you can do a little safety teaching. I've got a few more ideas and I will blog about them later....

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