Friday, October 21, 2011

Preschool ECC Resource

Our preschool unit created this list recently and I loved it! They all got together and thought about how the ECC relates to preschool. They went section by section of the ECC and brainstormed. Save this list as it is a handy, easy to read resource of ECC topics. Teams can easily get an idea of how to incorporate ECC topics from this handout. Thanks preschool TVIs for letting me share!!
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ECC Considerations as they Pertain to Preschool Children:
A Collaboration of Ideas by CT BESB Preschool Unit TVIs
Orientation & Mobility
Body parts
Spatial relations
Learning to crawl and walk
Navigating around different environments: home, preschool settings, playscapes
Learn to orient themselves in space
Begin to learn about where they are
Parents and teachers need to describe and explain things to the kids about the environments that they are in and moving about in
Gain knowledge of time, distance, positional concepts
Independent Living Skills
Learn self-help skills: eating, dressing, toileting, tooth brushing, bathing, wash hands, etc.
Learn routines of the preschool classroom and at home for taking care of own belongings
Clean up routines of the classroom
Chores at home and school
Teachers and Parents develop Task Analysis of each of these activities to be taught to the child
Develop backward chains for teaching these skills
Recreation and Leisure
Music-listen to and/or play an instrument
Learn to sing, whistle
IPads & Apps, Computers
TV, Movies-listen to and watch; pick out favorite shows or titles
Read and Listen to Books, Story boxes
Learn co-active Games; Play with favorite Toys
Switch Activated Toys; Cause and Effect Toys
Outdoor fun: swings, ball play, running, jumping
Learning to be fit: exercise, yoga, and dance class
Being a part of an organized sports team
Participate in an individual sport like swimming, gymnastics, etc.
Learn turn taking
Interacting with peers and siblings
Go on field trips and real life experience trips with family and friends and classmates-going to the zoo, a baseball game, etc.
Horseback Riding Therapy
Swimming Lessons
Preschool “Nature Day” Activities
Career Education
Learning about how to do Chores at home and at school
Learning about how to work/play on your own
Learning about self responsibility of your own possessions
Cleaning up routines around home or school for toys, clothes, food, dishes, etc.
Learning about the world that they live in
Learning about their community and neighborhoods
Taking family outings out in the community to area parks, the grocery store, the Post Office, the pet store, etc.
Learn about the types of jobs that people do for a living
Be a part of “take your child to work day”
Learn about money and how you get it and what it is used for
Self Determination
Figuring out about themselves and how they relate to their environment
Learning about their likes and dislikes
Develop a method of communication with others: spoken language, pictures, signs, etc.
Interpretation of their means of communication by parents and teachers and peers
Use of Schedule Boxes and Calendar Systems
Use of Hand under Hand Technique
Learn how to speak up for yourself and be your own self advocate

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