Monday, August 1, 2011

Mobility Summer Fun

There are so many fun things you can do with mobility skill development in the summer time!! So many places to go and explore! One fun mobility activity that I like to do is relay races especially with water on a hot day!!
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In fact, I am working with students at a day mobility program this week and I pulled out my buckets! Why relay races? Relay races help establish a start and a finish point, develop directionality and work on timing and social skills. I like to do them with groups. My fave ones are water relays with a large sponge. You have to transfer the water via the sponge between two buckets. The line forms behind one full bucket of water. The student dips the sponge into the full bucket and then travels down to the empty bucket, rings out the sponge to fill the bucket and then returns back. You can use people calling the students' names or a sound source. If you use a sound source, make sure you keep relay lines far enough a part that the sound isn't confusing (and make sure to use two distinct sounds).

Relay games are not just for the youngsters! Every age group has fun with them!! Another great thing about relay games---they also work concepts like full/empty, bilateral hand skills (think sponge ringing), teamwork and sound identification skills. Who knew a summer water relay game could be so fun?

Grab some buckets and have some fun!!

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