Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot Deal at Target

This is a great deal that I saw just yesterday (Saturday, July 16) at Target! Are you stumped by the picture? Why is this a great deal? The great deal are these solid color beverage bins at 75% off! These are awesome because these beverage bins are great for toy/play room storage for kiddies with vision impairments! They are solid, durable and big enough to store a collection of toys without being too overwhelming. Did you see the red ones? Red and yellow are great choices as a lot of our students can see those colors (especially CVI). You can also use the white ones if you have dark shelves to provide some contrast (you may need to grab some colored painters tape to put around the rim). These bins are also great because they are big enough to put a great nice sized tactual/Braille/print label on them. They also have nice durable handles on the sides for moving them around. The metal also provides a great auditory feedback. I love them! Hope some of you can take advantage of this deal!!

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