Monday, July 11, 2011

Mobility Resources

This week I decided to share some mobility resources. I had to compile resources for both my professional work as well as for an ongoing project for graduate school. I decided to reach out to my colleagues for their insight. This list was compiled by one of our certified mobility instructors. I've also included her notes for each link for a quick snapshot of each site. Enjoy!
(this is a great website; especially the section on Children is very good. Unfortunately there are many broken links, but it’s still very comprehensive)
(Some useful info on sports and games; FYI, this site is very heavy on NFB philosophy) (TSBVI, of course!) (Useful article on O&M for children)
(NFB website has other useful info on O&M; this link lists Guide dog schools)
(Not specific to O&M, but they conduct useful webinars relating to accessibility)
(Not specific to O&M, but they have useful info for pedestrians in general.) (Guide on ADA standard) (Excellent article on Non-drivers and transportation)
(Again, not specific to O&M but it’s can plug in your student’s address and it analyzes the neighborhood and spits out a grade on ‘walkabilty’. It’s not all that useful as it doesn’t list all available local transportation, but as I said, it’s fun. Also, you can somewhat preview and get a sense of the neighborhood before the first visit) (Loaded info on street crossing)
(Basic info on O&M; side tab has more categories to click on. Spanish version available as well)

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