Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The wonder of IKEA

Do you live near an IKEA? Ever been to one? IKEA is an awesome place to score items for our kids! They have bold solid color items, lots of organization ideas and pretty good prices! I have found so many awesome finds at IKEA for my students. I was just there this week and I snapped some pictures of some cool things that I wanted to blog about.

I saw these buckets in red and black (yes, CVI families...) and loved them! They are a great price, only $1.99!! I love these buckets because they are great for organizing! They can be used as finished boxes, organization totes or turned upside down for some fun!

Then I found these trays! They are $3.99--what a steal! I hope you read my post on using play trays! I've never seen these at IKEA before. I see those trays and I am already thinking about what a great color red they are! Call your OT and see if they need a work tray!

If you don't live near an IKEA, check out their site. I will warn you this: it can be hard to find the treasures on the website. I usually need to go to the store and get inspired. I love their ideas for organization! They usually organize with bold solid, contrasting colors in simple organized bins/spaces. The other great thing is that they aren't too expensive! I feel it's worth the drive as well. It takes me 45 minutes one way but I just make an adventure out of it. IKEA is super kid friendly. You can eat there, kids can touch almost anything and everything and there are lots of great ideas for our students!

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