Thursday, August 4, 2011

Personal Safety Curriculum for Children with Vision Impairments

I've got another fabulous, FREE resource. This one is from the California School for the Blind. They have put together a comprehensive curriculum called Safe and Sound. It's free and downloadable into a Word doc from their site. You can access Safe and Sound on the CSB website under the Learning Resources tab.

Here's the direct link:

Safe and Sound is a safety awareness curriculum. It includes a "how to" teach this curriculum as well as pre & post tests for assessment. Each unit is broken down into topics with coordinating lessons, accommodations and tips for teaching. I think it's a resource we all need to go through. It's quite comprehensive and a great resource for teams. It was written by a vision professional team of orientation and mobility instructors and TVIs.

I urge my parents of all ages students to review this material. We need to teach human development, personal safety and self-defense in very unique, precise, realistic ways. It's nothing to shy away from! Consult your TVI for more tips and/or resources on teaching human development. I will also post some resources this fall.

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