Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My fave resource for teaching students who are deafblind

I can't believe I did not think of doing this sooner! I am sharing the link for Dr. Jan van Dijk for this post. When it comes to deafblindness, no one understand the beautiful, unique needs of deafblindness like van Dijk!

I had the honor of attending a conference on assessment with Dr. van Dijk at Perkins School for the Blind this past Monday. We had a special treat: we got to observe van Dijk work with a student for over an hour. It was awesome to watch how he assessed him, worked with him and then taught him.

Dr. van Dijk's approach is the method that I follow (and for that matter, what I think everyone should follow) when teaching deafblind children. I am not gonna even attempt in this post to summarize his strategies so I am posting several good links to learn more about Dr. van Dijk. Get a pen and paper and take some notes on this one!!

The official site of Dr. Jan van Dijk,
The van Dijk Approach to Child-Guided Assessment,
Let Me Check My Calendar,
Conversations without Language,
Four Essential Strategies,

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