Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beepball tutorial from APE teacher & Camp Abilities students

I am happy to post the link to the first of hopefully more APE tutorials. This one is the beep baseball tutorial. It is lead by Justin Haegele, APE teacher. Beepball is a fun activity that our students play. It's also rad to get the whole family, classroom or even the neighborhood in on a game. We did it for family fun night at Camp Abilities and had a blast.

Basic equipment for playing beep baseball:
--large cones/standard beepball bases
--APH soundsource or other auditory sound source
--a batting tee
--beepball baseball

Check out the National Beep Baseball Association for more information,

Check out the beep baseball tutorial featuring Justin & the Camp Abilities counselor-in-trainings,

Grab a bat, a blindfold and some friends and have some fun!


  1. Hi, I just found your blog, I have an (almost) two year old with optic nerve hypoplasia. He's currently testing at 20/200 but we think he can see more than that. Anyway I'm excited to find your page! What a wonderful resource. Would it be alright if I linked to your page on my blog?

  2. Sure,feel free to share it with your team! Welcome to the blog!