Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mobility games for preschool children.

This is a great resource! It's from the Texas School for the Blind (TSBVI).

Orientation and Mobility: Preschool Style, By Cecelia Quintana, COMS
Article link:

This link also includes another great resource:
We're On The Move! O&M Games for the Very Young Child
Presented by
Linda Lyle, M.A.Cecelia Quintana, M.A., COMS
AER International ConferenceJuly 14-19, 2000Denver, CO
Download an RTF version of the games (for printing) - o&m.rtf (257k)


  1. Thank you Robbin,
    I always feel so encouraged when I come to your blog, because it always gives me new ideas.
    I made a counting book with puffy paint and lots of colorful and textured numbers. Sophia loves the book and is catching on to counting. (Well, at least to three) :)

  2. That's great!! If you have any ideas, you are welcomed to share them here! We are all in this together, so you always have support here :)