Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quick mobility tips

Here are some quick & easy mobility tips from Chris Tabb, COMS (Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist).

As vacation times from busy school schedules are arriving soon, here are some suggested activities that will develop concepts and skills for independence that families can do together:

Take a trip together that includes the use of public transportation. Examples include: visiting New York City and traveling on the subway, city bus, train, and/or taxi while there; as a local option, many cities and towns in Connecticut are served by public transportation on a regular basis, and others have Express Service.

Go to the grocery store with your child and have them travel to the end of the aisle on their own to retrieve a favorite item for the cart. If you both are comfortable going further, to aisles “beyond arms reach”, this really provides for practicing skills of independence and problem solving in a safe environment. If parents need to stay connected with their child, two-way radios can provide the ability to be apart and still be “in touch” for reminders and questions.


  1. Hi,
    my name is Antje and I have a 3 year old daughter with either CVI or visual agnosia. Sophia was diagnosed this summer and it has been a trying, exciting and of course discouraging road. It is sad to see how little there is on the internet and how few people know how to deal with it. I live in Wichita, KS and there is nobody here who can help. (Or they want to wait until she is 6) I found a wonderful therapist in Texas, but I am also thinking about starting a blog for support and discussion.

  2. Well, welcome to the blog! You have support here!! Feel free to share sites and helpful resources. Take a look at the early childhood labels--lots of things you can start doing now. An early start is the best start!!