Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Target Finds!

Happy Target finds!
Here's what I have been scouting out over the past two weeks. The little bowls are great for quick sorting, math, fine motor and science projects. I couldn't get enough of them when I was a deafblind teacher. They are the perfect size!

 You can never get enough baskets for calendar box systems, organization, sorting, counting or small finished boxes for all over the school. These were in the dollar section at Target!
They also had some larger bins that I thought had good potential. 

Happy Target times!


  1. Read this post and thought you might be a good person to ask this question... What would be a nice back to school gift for my son's TVI? Any ideas?

  2. Hi Amber!
    Most TVIs are itinerant teachers so I would suggest something for "on the go"--a little organizer, cute file folders, labels, etc or a Starbucks, Panera, etc. gift card. Maybe even a new ID holder with a cute lanyard? I know a lot of TVIs that have to wear their IDs to all the schools they visit. Most of our TVIs are used to eating lunch in their car, doing work in a library and having their car as their remote office as they travel from student to student. Even if your TVI isn't itinerant, any teacher would like a gift card, Sharpie marker pens (for Large Print writing) or a thoughtful good luck with the school year gift. Happy back to school!