Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Recent Fave Pins on Pinterest: Back to School

Hi Friends,I know that not everyone uses Pinterest so as promised, here are some of my fave pins that I have recently pinned. The time is fast approaching for back to school prep. That can be dreadful for everyone if you are getting a new team, new classroom or new school. Well turn that frown upside down and let's take on the new challenge!

First, start with home. Organized work space for getting out the door always helps any child. Check out this idea:

Now, depending on how much space (or kids) you have, this could be a shared storage or you can give your kiddo with the vision impairment their own "organization mudroom". Did you notice the lights above? Perfect for that kid that needs some extra light. This mom has the baskets for mittens and hats but are you thinking what I am thinking? Those could be schedule boxes for kids that need calendar box systems!! You could even add a hook on the outside for your child to hang their cane. I think this whole mudroom idea is just brilliant and it's perfect for taking on a new routine for a new school year!
How about the recent high school graduate that's going off to college?

A great ECC present to kick off using kitchen and cooking skills!! Put some Braille labels and a double spatula in it and you are golden :)
Is there another parent out there that has to have everyone eat in the car on the way to school? I loved this idea for keeping our kids organized when on the go!

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