Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School Blitz: Day One

Hi Friends,
I am going to be blogging for the next 5 days as a jump start to back to school. I've been milling around looking for good new resources and hitting up my talented teacher friends for ideas and tips. I want to start day one with a board I am following on Pinterest. It's called "VI Stuff" by Amanda Ham. It is a nice little resource. I find it best for classroom teachers and TVIs. She's worth your follow on Pinterest. My Pinterest board, "This Works for Blind Kids too!" is more of a collection of everyday things that also work for our kids. Amanda's board has very specific pins for children with vision impairments. I think it has some great ideas especially for back to school. She has videos, too!!

Here's the link to her board (just in case you can't find it on your own):

Happy back to school!!

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