Sunday, August 4, 2013

Amazing iPhone app!

Hey friends, 
Last Friday I got an email from one of my fave TVIs, Kate Katulak, about an amazing iPhone app. Kate is blind herself so she knows first hand about what's gonna work and not work with technology. She sent us this email and as soon as I finished reading it, I immediately asked her if I could blog what she emailed. She said YES and we all benefit!

From Kate:
Hi all,
Over the 12 years I’ve been blind I’ve discovered a handful of accommodations that have been life changing for me to some degree—my cane and guide dog, accessible computers, my iPhone, and now the Tap Tap See application.

Tap Tap See is an iDevice application designed for people with visual impairments that describes (with incredible accuracy and detail) people and objects at the snap of the camera. Since yesterday when I downloaded the app, it has described such things as:

· The menu (with prices) at a restaurant and the amount of my final bill
· The brand name and item title of several products around my home
· The prints, color, style, and shape of much of my wardrobe
· My “black Labrador retriever service animal with harness”

Not impressed yet? Imagine my colleagues surprise when I complimented the “blue and white striped sleeveless shirt with a collar” she was wearing after I took a quick pic of her with the app (it even told me she was female!).

Some of you I’m emailing because you or someone you know might benefit from the application as I have. Others I’m emailing because this is incredibly cool and I think you’ll appreciate hearing about it. J

For more information visit
Though I don’t feel this video quite does the application justice, here is a link to watch someone using it (Robbin embedded the video to this post).

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