Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let's Make Some Cookies!!

I saw these clever cooking aids at AER this August and loved them!! I was attending Kelly Cote's presentation. Kelly teaches out of Perkins School for the Blind. I knew I had to get a picture and share them (plus use them myself!).

In case you can't tell, you are actually looking at two different aids here. One is the green one and the other the maroon guide. You can use them for accurate cookie dough placement (well, you can use them for any kind of food placement but I prefer cookies!). 

The green guide was made out of shelf liner. You can buy it for a dollar at Dollar Tree! She used a sharpie and a razor and cut out the squares. Student chefs can place the dough right in the openings and then lift off the guide. Viola! Perfectly placed cookies! The maroon one is the same concept as the green one only you can slide it so it sits in the corner and acts as a guide that you can track. Both are easy peasy modifications and easy to replicate if destroyed. You can also use a bright red grip liner (especially for our CVI students). 

Make a few of these guides for the coming holiday cookie season. Halloween is just around the corner! I also love these guides because students of all abilities can use these. Children with multiple impairments can find the openings (and practice systematic search patterns). 

Try it at home: This is easy--make some cookies! My favorite are chocolate chip!!

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