Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here is the beep baseball handout that I promised. It's a really good reader friendly handout on how to play beep baseball. 

Beep Baseball Guide
Compiled by John Peralta, Adapted PE Teacher
·        Six (6) innings of play, unless more are needed to break a tie.
·        Three (3) outs per inning. An out is made if the ball if fielded before the runner gets to his or her padded cylinder (Beeping Bag/base).
·        A batter is allowed four (4) rather than the traditional three (3) strikes and only one (1) pass ball. The fourth swing must be a clean miss.
·        Each team has its own sighted pitcher and catcher.
·        First and third bases, four foot padded cylinders with speakers, are placed one-hundred (100) feet down their respective lines and ten (10) feet off the foul line.
·        Pitcher stands 20ft away from batter (traditional (90ft). The catcher gives pitcher a target to throw at, preferably where the batter normally swings.
·        A hit ball must travel at least forty (40) feet to be considered fair. A hit ball that does not reach the forty (40) foot line is considered foul. A ball that travels one hundred eighty (180) feet in the air is considered a home run.
·        Six person defense (traditional 9) with a number system.

·        Pitcher is obligated to clearly verbalize two words. He must say "ready" just before the ball is about to be released and as the ball is being released, the pitcher says, "Pitch" or "ball." These two words alert the batter.
·        Pitcher does not field but still plays crucial part in the game. A pitcher success is major by the amount of runs his or her team scores. Prefer a high Era unlike traditional ball.
·        A hit ball rebounded off the pitcher is ruled no pitch. It helps for pitchers to be quick and agile.

·        Good grip on bat, level swing and listen to the pitcher ready commend and pitch or ball to get yourself ready to swing.
·        Batter is allowed to pass on a ball if he or she can’t hear the pitchers ready or pitch command.
·        Once batter has made contact with ball either first or third base will beep.

·        Six players on defense with numbers starting with  the first baseman as one; two, right fielder; three, middle; four, left fielder; five, third baseman; and six, back fielder.
·        There are two sighted spotters positioned in the outfield, one on either side of the field. These people are very important to a team’s success. They need to make quick and accurate calls (fielder’s numbers) to where the ball is heading. Ex (ball is hit towards left field the spotters most yell 4 so that all fielders move towards the ball).Spotters may only call out one number if they call out more than one number the runner is awarded the run. 

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