Sunday, November 7, 2010

Savannah Says...

Here is another post from one of my students & her perspectives on life with a vision impairment

The topic is on dating and social life-How easy or hard is it to make new friends? How does your vision impact you making new friends? What kinds of things have you done to help get passed your visual limits when in a social situation? (like going to a party that has dim lighting or being outside late when there isn't a lot of light)
What's your thoughts on dating? Do you feel like your vision holds you back? How do you get around it (the vision issue)?Does your syndrome ever get in the way?

Honestly I have not been interested in dating or boys, I have yet to go on a date. I am aware that it may be tricky... doesnt bother me though! Making friends is also tricky... I find myself making friends with adults or teachers, easier then making friends with my classmates.

Frankly I think it is TCS [Treacher Collins Syndrome] that makes it harder, not my vision imparment. But when I do go out with friends like to basketball games, I dont catch much, half the time I dont relize that our team scored until the buzzer goes off. When we goto the movies I cant see nearly as much in the dark as I can in day light, so menuvering is harder. Other instances are when my friends and I are meeting at the mall and I cant see them across the food court! Thats when a cell phone comes in handy. When I goto a friends house at night and we play outside or whatever, luckily all of my friends are aware of my limits and are always there supporting me and helping me out where ever they can or when ever i let them help me. I dont generally ask for help from my mom or grandma, I actually get alot of support from my sister and girl friends. There are ALOT of obsitcals in the way... but there is always a way around them... wether you just jump or destroy the obsitcle. If theres a will, theres a way.

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