Friday, November 19, 2010

Free Descriptive Movie Feature on Toy Story 3!

I am sooo excited to share this! I was having a Toy Story 3 date with my kiddies (we had Toy Story mac & cheese, dino Rex nuggets and the movie, yay!). I started the movie and right away it had a prompt to select if I wanted English descriptive titles. I got excited, descriptive movie for free? I selected it to check it out and yes! There it was! I heard that sweet narrator's voice describing the fireworks going over Cinderella's castle!

Just in case you are not tech savvy, there are two ways of selecting this feature:
1. It automatically prompts you to select what language you want the movie to play in. It says 'English Descriptive Language' (that's it!!)
2. Go to the menu feature and select the languages. You can also select it there, too.
I am so excited that Disney included this feature! It has been difficult to find descriptive movies for kids. Have fun listening to Toy Story 3 this holiday!!

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