Friday, September 24, 2010

Supermarket Sweep Lesson

I have played Supermarket Sweep when I do team up lessons with my mobility team. Each teacher takes a small group of students and starts in a different section of the store. Here's the basics of the game. Feel free to customize it and make it fit the needs of your students.

How to play Supermarket Sweep:
1. Divide into two groups (more if you need).
2. Make a list (in Braille or large print)*.
On the list, write down sections of the grocery store and one item from each section.
The goal of the game is for the students to go to each section and get the item.
3. Make sure that the lists are not identical (for example, one group gets French bread from the bakery while the other group has to get something different).
First group to get all the items and make it to check out wins!
*You can make a list using pictures for non-readers of any ability.
I take digital pictures of items and put it on a Word document.
I have an example of a picture list in the DIY: Grocery Store at Home post.
I truly do have a good time playing Supermarket Sweep with my students. I also feel that my students really pick up a lot of info and we all learn. This is a great game for classes and families.
Do it at home: Have a family CBI and head out to the grocery store!
Remember: start pre-teaching (or discussing) about the grocery store before you go, get prepared. Make sure your students read or look at their lists (picture of Braille/LP) before you play.

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