Thursday, September 2, 2010

APE Webcast from Perkins

I am excited to share another APE resource! This resource comes from Perkins School for the Blind. It's a webcast by Matt LaCortiglia, PE teacher from Perkins. I like his webcast because it comes with a Power Point that you can download and it's an easy workshop for PE teachers who haven't had any experience with children with vision impairments.
I will also post the information about ordering inexpensive jingle balls to help with accommodations for some popular balls sports played during PE.

Check out the webcast:

Do it at home: A helpful thing for (APE) teachers is a vision profile. A vision profile is a quick bulleted list that describes what your child can and cannot see along with other important information (such as glare issues, motor coordination, CVI issues, etc.). When teachers feel like they understand, they are more empowered to actually do something that will benefit both teacher and student.

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