Thursday, November 7, 2013

The BEST idea EVER for going to the zoo!

I was perusing recently and was catching up on the preschool world. posted this super cool article that I immediately started telling all my colleagues about: touching LIVE animals at the zoo!! I have the resource link:

 I won't retype the article but just know that I am curious to see what other zoos do this OR would be interested in doing it. The Oregon Zoo has been running this program for fifteen years. I just love this idea!!! It really brings the "zoo experience" to all of our kids!  Check out this article and if you are like me, by the end you will be looking up your local zoo and making a phone call. If you end up getting lucky with your local zoo, let me know! I would love to spread the word about other zoo programs. Too bad Oregon was so far away from my students, shucks!!

touching a tiger

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