Thursday, November 7, 2013

Store Finds

Hey friends,
I have some fun finds that I thought I would share as this is the beginning of  the "stock up" sale of all things vision education (the shiny wrapping paper, bells, embellishments, the CVI buying extravaganza....). The first of the two comes from Ikea:

Technically they are door mats...but are you seeing what I am seeing: there's some hidden potential!! Look at that shade of red! They are perfect activity areas for younger children. These aren't the typical thick mats either. They roll up pretty easily (people did eye me a little strange as I was rolling up and using a door mat unconventional ways....). They are sturdy and easy to clean. The best part: the price!! A steal of a deal at $3.99!!
The next store find came just this past week from my home away from home: Target! 

I liked this wall art display because I thought it has potential for our visual kids. Perhaps you could put sequence steps in it at centers or use it as a type of calendar box. I also thought the frames were large enough that you could put a velcro mount on it (in the corner) for a corresponding tactual object. The display can hang vertical or horizontal (I like the horizontal the best but maybe I haven't seen the right vertical idea yet!). Not too bad for $10. Let me know if you discover another great idea/use!

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