Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Easy Peasy PE Modifications

The other night I was doing my regular presentation with a college PE class when I remembered these awesome tips from one of my newest favorite APE teachers. I can't believe I forgot to share this! He was helping me with ideas for adapting PE games for a student who is totally blind. Without further adieu, here's some easy peasy PE modifications from the awesome Alexander Specht (look for him in my soon-to-post PE tutorial videos).

-they do have beep frisbees that are light weight and foam. Super cheap as well.
-allow the frisbee to hit the ground/ offense is allowed one drop while in possession.
-allow hand offs during the game

-start off with a game like "newcomb" where the ball can hit the ground and you can play it off the ground.
-obviously if a lightweight beeping ball is available. 
-catch the ball first then work on returns to the other team.
-designate one player on each team to call out who should hit the ball.
-multiple hits beyond three per side
-allow for underhand passing without calling carries

Flag football:
-allow to play the line and rush the quarterback. Quarterback should wear a beeping pinnie to assist with positioning.
-visually impaired athlete could be qb and pass to one person, who can then make one more pass before the defense can defend.
-handoffs etc.

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