Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Join Me!

This particular post isn't going to be groundbreaking to those of you seasoned TVIs but it was new to me so I thought I would still give it a share. I don't spend a lot of time in the classroom with academic subjects but I am fascinated by the SmartBoard. It's a nice teaching tool but it can be tricky for our kids. Enter the iPad and the Join Me app. The iPad has completely helped our kids access a ton of material and linked with the Join Me app, it allows our kids to access the SmartBoard with ease. The general ed teacher needs to download the app and give the student the passwork/log in information. Join Me allows the iPad to display the SmartBoard display. I spoke to several TVIs and they commented that Join Me is simple to use and several of their students were taking advantage of it. I did look up some articles specific to our kids using it. Here's what I found: This article has a one time use of Join Me but from what I understand, you can reuse your password with the teacher. Now is a good time for my personal disclaimer that I am not a guru at AT. But nevertheless, I wanted to post about this cool app that truly does make being in the general ed classroom one step easier.


  1. I really like your blog! I'd love to feature it on my website, Sensory Sun Educational Technologies if you'd be interested. Thanks for sharing your experiences with other parents and TVIs. My daughter has an iPad and refreshable Braille display she is learning to use very efficiently. I'm a huge advocate for ECC and assistive tech! Look forward to your posts in the future. - Hillary

  2. Hi Hillary, Thanks for your comment. Feel free to share the bee :)