Thursday, October 17, 2013

Holiday Braille Items are Ready!

I am not one to jump the gun and go from summer to Christmas but these two little items are fun to plan for. First, Starbucks will be offering Braille gift cards all year long (are you thinking Thanksgiving or Halloween gift ideas?). Let's give snaps to our friends at Starbucks for offering a bit more accessibility to the world!
starbucks braille gift card
Here's a write up from "Starbucks began offering Braille gift cards during the month of October a couple of years ago to highlight disability employment awareness month. Now, according to Consumerist, Starbucks plans to offer the cards year-round. The gift cards say "Starbucks" in Braille on the front to help customers differentiate between the cards in their wallets. On Starbucks' Ideas In Action blog, the company explained that the new offering was established because of a customer request: "It's that same spirit of innovation that drives us to constantly look to MSI for inspiration on how to come up with solutions — that have the potential to vastly improve the experience for a huge community. For better readability we've adjusted the font and print sizes on our menus. We also created Braille & large print menus, and large print & picture menus. And for the third year in a row we are offering a Braille Starbucks gift card in the store. Thanks to a customer request, it's now available year-round."

The other fun holiday item are Braille holiday cards from Hadley School for the Blind. I don't want to rush away Turkey Day or Halloween but let's face it, I am planning my Christmas card (I love making my family wear coordinating outfits...ha ha). These cards are quite popular and allow you to have a photo card. 

Here's the link with more information:


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