Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why we love the iPhone

Hello parents,
Has your teenager asked you for the iPhone yet? Have you gasped when you saw the price tag for the 4S? Take a deep breath and keep reading. I have to support my students' requests for the iPhone even the 4S version. IT'S AWESOME! It's so accessible for our students. I've watched my students use Siri and they can do just about anything.  How great is it that our kids can be part of the main group! 
I decided to ask my students why they love the iPhone. Here's a couple of useful (and funny) answers. Plus a good app that another of my students swears by.

Me asking on Facebook: I want to blog about how awesome the iPhone is for you guys. What 

can you tell me about it? Why do you love it? What do you think is most helpful for you guys with 

vision impairments? Thanks for the help!!

Leah Bourassa well For one thing i am getting one because i couldn't see the text on my old 

phone without putting it up to y face.. and the iPhone has a magnification up to 56pt font with is 

wicked big but anywhere from 24 to that I can see perfectly fine and siri can do just about any 

thing for you just by telling her to
Another of my students recommends this app, Voxer. He says it's easy to use and swears by it. You can also get it in the Android market. 

If you end up getting the iPhone request, let me tell you to go for it! Almost everyone of my students has one and they can text, face chat and do almost anything else. That's a pretty nice feeling for our kids :)

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