Wednesday, January 18, 2012

15 Interesting Facts about Braille

Hi blog friends,
I love when I receive emails about other resources, articles, tips, etc. Today I received an email about 15 interesting facts about Braille (for Braille literacy month). I have to admit, #14 made me laugh. As vision professionals, we are constantly asked if we know sign language because we know Braille. It always confuses people because I do, in fact, know sign language (deafblind teacher here). They always follow up and ask if my mother (who has no vision, totally blind) taught always makes me smile.
Anyways, check out this article: There are some interesting facts. I also was struck by how many legally blind students have teachers that do not know Braille. More importantly the fact states that countless classrooms are ill-equipped for children with a vision impairment. There are some real simple, low tech modifications classroom teachers can make for our kiddos. Need some ideas? Email me :)

Thanks again for the article suggestion, Jasmine!

Happy reading

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