Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dessert for Breakfast: Oatmeal Sundaes (so many kitchen skills...)

I was doing my usual magazine reading, scouting out good articles, recipes, websites--the usual when I stumbled upon this recipe (from Redbook magazine, via Hungry Girl, Feb 2012 issue). I instantly loved this recipe because A) it's a nice & healthy and B) there are so many kitchen skills involved in preparing this that it is a kitchen skills dream of an ECC teacher. Oh wait...C) it is a great addition to Recipe Renovations because it is not your typical boring recipe.

Begin with cooked oatmeal.
 For an extra step in the health direction, add a big dollop of cottage cheese 
(you seriously cannot taste it but it adds so much protein!!)
The oatmeal is a great cooking step (especially for students with multiple impairments) as it is a 3-step-sequence. First, open oatmeal. Next, add water (with pre-measured or DIY depending on the students' ability level). Last, prepare in the microwave.

Next, add your fruit. This is the part where you can build-your-own-oatmeal-sundae bar. Students can select fruit, wash it, slice it and organize it. 

Plus add something with a little crunch. If your student has a nut allergy, think outside the box. Cereal, granola, I don't know...not good with my nut allergy alternatives (sorry!)

Last, add just a pinch of chocolate chips for fun!
Are you thinking that there is one step that could also be added to the mix? Yes! Prepare a recipe and ingredient list and head to the grocery store and allow students to select items! Now you have O&M and community lessons! Let them pay, too!!

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