Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday decorations--their other purpose...

Hi friends,
     Are you wondering what is the purpose behind these random pictures from Target? They are holiday decorations from the dollar bins at Target and they double agents! What? How? Huh? Still wondering what I am talking about....? Holiday decorations have another awesome purpose besides making everything cheery and bright. They are are AWESOME tools for kids with vision impairments especially CVI!! Oh yes, I love this time of year for this special secret purpose. Slinkys, bright shiny ornaments and wrapping paper (always in the color RED) and other fun ribbons (with lots of textures and contrast colors) are everywhere and I go nuts! This is my super stock up time. 
     I thought I would blog about this to give you a heads up. Buy now and buy a lot! I like to hit up the Dollar Tree stores, JoAnns & Michael's dollar bins and Target (my mothership). They have awesome finds there. I know some of you are thinking that it would be better to wait until after the holidays to purchase these items. As a professional retail therapist (aka shopping queen slash vision ninja teacher), I will tell you that the left over clearance items are not what we are looking for usually. We need the shiny ornaments, red glossy wrapping paper (always to be found at dollar stores) and jingle bells, ribbon, etc. Those things can get pretty trashed by the end of the season so I like to go and get first dibs on them the first week of December. This is your time to build your CVI kits.
     Here's what I am going to do for the next few weeks: I am going to cruise my fave hot spots and blog about what I am finding, where, price and how to use it. And of course, just like last year I will snap shots of any projects that are awesome for our students. I am doing my annual Holiday Skills Day (twice this year!!) the first and second weeks of December. I will be sure to share what we are doing. I've also been surfing some craft blogs looking for inspiration. I am going to share a few activities and recipes that I have found. 
     Have you found something awesome? Have a request for a certain activity for this time of the year? Know a great activity or recipe? Please share with me! Email me :)
     Also, start thinking experience books (I've blogged about this, check the literacy label for more info). This is another great time of the year where students who have multiple impairments including deafblindness can really make a lot of  purposeful books to help them further participate. 
    Always remember in your shopping blitz for supplies to be mindful of visual clutter. Buy a lot, but show a little when it comes to presenting things to your student.

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